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Development Grants For Finance Sector Women

Development Grants for Finance Sector Women

This post is dedicated to supporting the 2016 National Industry Scholarship Grant for the development of women across all industries. 

A national initiative will provide $250,000 dollars towards enabling women into higher levels of leadership across the finance sector. 

The initiative, funded by The National Industry Scholarship Grant Initiative was launched this month and is open to all women employed in the finance sector at both senior and junior management levels.

Scholarship recipients will be given leadership programs provided by Women and Leadership Australia (WLA).

The organisation reports that women’s representation on Australian company boards has increased by only 2% since 2012, significantly below the predicted figures.  Furthermore, nearly 77% of companies have failed to meet the target of one quarter of their directors being women.

WLA hopes the initiative will promote gender parity across all levels of management within the finance sector.

If you wish to express interest for this funding you must do so by 31 March 2016 and can follow the links below for more information.

  1. Senior Management and Executive level Women Leaders can apply for $12,000 Individual Grants to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program.
  2.  Women Managers can apply for $5,000 Individual Grants to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program.

To discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program, Australian School of Applied Management on 03 9270 9016 or via


Alice Markie

Ms Markie is the Former Marketing Coordinator (Payments Direction) at APCA.

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