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International Perspective: Open Data Institute

We were pleased to welcome many members of the payments community at our Open Data discussion earlier this month. David Beardmore, Commercial Director of the Open Data Institute (ODI) shared insights from the ODI’s work on the UK’s Open Banking Standard.

David discussed a number of topics, from the importance of educating consumers about open data, to making sure we have the correct security and privacy settings in place.

He used the data spectrum below to help us think about different types of data.

The ODI's Data Spectrum

The Data Spectrum (ODI)

David explained that a wide range of data is produced by organisations along a spectrum, ranging from ‘Closed’ private & personal information, to ‘Open’ and freely accessible public access information.

Bus timetables for example, logically fall into the  ‘Open’ public access category. While something as confidential and private as an employment contract is ‘Closed’ and available for private access only. At the centre of the pendulum is the ‘Shared’ information that may require some authorisation and access approval. For example, allowing your doctor to share medical records with .

If you would like a copy of David’s presentation, please get in touch.

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